Author David Swinden

David Swinden likes spending time outdoors, especially in areas rich in wildlife. He finds nature's beauty most interesting and captivating since it gives him time to arrange his ideas and write.

I'm the type of person who goes to the refrigerator several times during the day, knowing well well that there's no magical fairy who might have loaded it up in the meanwhile. I always squeeze the toothpaste from the bottom of the tube. ❤ 

I'm about to release a new book. Midnight's Emily Rose is the title of a narrative poem. To avoid giving too much away and releasing spoilers, the entire book is one poem that chronicles Emily Rose's love. The poem has elements of terror, love, passion, and imagination, and I hope that this book is a tremendous success, especially among poetry lovers. I'm hoping to have the book published in March of 2021.

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Harriet's Blood Thrills is my current work in progress, and it will be available shortly. Lemmie meets Harriet, a 13-year-old girl going along the street with blood splatters on her clothes. She has a doll named Harlet and a 10-year-old sibling named Hanna. Harriet, according to Lemmie, is a portal to unlimited. . . 



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Please contact me at: swinden @ (When sending e-mail, please delete any spaces.)

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